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Batch Diversity at B-Schools

Batch Diversity at B-Schools

Apart from the engineering and commerce graduates, who else join a B-School? How diverse is a batch in terms of academic or professional history at an IIM or any other b-school?

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Even though the majority is constituted by engineers, people from the following streams also take admissions in IIMs to further their careers or because of other reasons whatever they are

  1. Pure science (BSc)
  2. Law
  3. Medicine (MBBS, Dentists)
  4. Agriculture

And people come from various work backgrounds including Law and Order, Banking, consulting, Teaching, Government etc.

You have students from art background such as those who have studied literature, economics, political science etc. You also have lawyers, and those from medicinal backgrounds also coming in. The numbers from such diverse backgrounds are still a minority in IIM campuses, although the numbers are increasing year on year. There has been a conscious attempt from the administration to make the pool of students as diverse as possible. 

Being a student from Arts background, once I entered IIM Indore, I used to keep asking people their backgrounds, hoping to find another Arts graduate. However, like most b-schools, the majority of the junta at planet-i consists of engineers. Then there are a lot of commerce grads, a few economics people, and then the ultimate minority of arts graduates and doctors. 
However, there is an ongoing effort from the college’s side to increase diversity and we hope that it happens in the years to come.

Well, if I talk about IIM Bangalore, a myriad of people have joined this year. There are a few commerce and Arts graduates, a lawyer, a doctor (BDS) and a professional model as well.

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