Is it possible to convert calls from top IIMs and XLRI if one has a work experience around 3.5 years. What would be the advantages and  disadvantages with more work ex.

a year ago

2 Answers

2 Answers
Raghunathan S
Current Student | XLRI Jamshedpur

In short YES. It is possible to covert the calls provided you clear the cutoffs for the respective institutes.

How institutes decide on admitting a candidate? - The interviewers often assess the candidate on his/her ability and acumen to get placed in companies that come for final placements. Please understand the regular array of questions such as why MBA?, why this institute? and questions from undergrad/work experience matter a lot. Those are the essential questions. But during the course of the GD/PI process a candidate is assessed on his/her temperament, attitude, communication skills and ethics to some extent. This gives a fair picture of the candidate and the ability of the person to ace final placements in campus.

Going by the interview process a work ex of 3.5 years should not be a deterrent to entering a top notch b school. There are a fair number of students with work ex greater than 4 years in b schools.

Advantages and disadvantages - This might be blown out of proportion in some articles. I will just share my opinion which might be a bit different. Some companies which come for Summer Internship Placements (SIPs) look for freshers with less than 1/2 years of experience. They have the requirements for such a role and might look forward to tuning a candidate to their workplace. On the other hand candidates with work experience greater than 2 odd years are eligible for lateral placements which freshers cannot sit for. The package in lateral placements is considerably higher. Now again, if a candidate fails to placed during the lateral placement season they have to go through the regular placement process.

The advantage/disadvantage factor in my opinion is limited. Only thing that is for certain is that you are sure to reap benefits of your effort.

Wish you the best and be assured that 3.5 years work ex is in no way a deterrent to entering top b schools

a year ago

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