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Can one prepare for CAT without joining any coaching institute?

Can one prepare for CAT without joining any coaching institute?

Lakhs of students across the country flock in the coaching institutes to prepare for CAT. Can one do without them? Any thoughts?

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Yes, you can succeed in CAT without going to any coaching institute. I have seen many of my friends who have got 98 percentile without any preparation. The reason for that is CAT generally tests your aptitude, maths, and English and people generally do fairly well in maths and aptitude. The maths and aptitude tested in CAT are pretty well known to every one of us as we have done those concepts earlier in class 10,11 and 12. With some additional tricks along with those concepts, one should be good to attempt CAT. The only deciding factor then becomes English which can be improved through extensive reading. All that coaching institutes do is tell you the tricks to solve the problems in less time which can be learned from online videos now. With sufficient amount of practice, you will learn quick calculations too. Hence you don’t necessarily need to go to coaching for CAT, with self-preparation and self discipline you would easily bell the cat. You may need study material for reference or you may need a test series for practice which can be bought from any coaching institute so that you would be able to fathom your position among others.

Yes definitely. One can prepare for CAT without any coaching institute.
Although I would suggest a serious candidate should consider joining one of the test series programmes that various coachings offer. These help one gauge the patterns, and level of the question paper and helps to get accustomed to the examination pattern. It also helps identify where you stand in the overall race and what are the areas of improvements in the different sections of the exam. 

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