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Can you solve this guesstimate question?

Can you solve this guesstimate question?

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant asked 10 months ago

What is the number of people in Mumbai who own a smartphone?


The population of Mumbai: 21 Million.

Number of Indians who use smartphones: 220 Million.

Please mention your approach and assumptions.

1 Answers
Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant answered 10 months ago

Mumbai being the business and entertainment hub of India, it can be safe to assume that at least 75-80% of the population of Mumbai owns a smartphone. (More information about the people living at or below the poverty line would help in determining the exact value.)
Also, it could be the case that 25-20% of the population in Mumbai may fall under the categories where they cannot afford a smartphone or not comfortable in using one. Assuming that a majority of the population prefer smartphones which consist of working professionals and students in Mumbai. Hence, further information about the percentage of population comprising of professionals & students will help.

As a guesstimate: Between 15.7 to 16.8 Million people

Assumptions taken on the basis of general insights.

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant

replied 10 months ago

Would you prefer a top-down or bottom-up approach to solve these type of questions?

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