CAT 2018 – Discussion, Attempts & Expected Accuracy - Official Thread

CAT Day is here. How did everyone do?
Update in the answers below -

  1. Which Slot Did You Appear For CAT 2018?
  2. How Many Overall Attempts?
  3. Expected Correct Attempts?
  4. Individual Section Attempts?
  5. Overall Feedback?

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2 years ago

2 Answers

2 Answers
Chirag Shukla

Slot 1
Overall attempts - 51
Expected correct - Depending on Verbal Ability, 38-43 approximately
VA - 31
DI-LR - 10
Quant - 10

Really tough paper. Quant section was very complex. Even the arithmetic questions were on the tougher side. DI-LR was moderate, with 2 relatively easy sets. I managed to solve 1 full set, and 2 questions from three other sets. VA was relatively easy, but conclusion questions could have proven to be tricky. RC was lengthy and with close options. Managed to solve (hopefully accurately) 31 questions. This paper was definitely tougher than CAT 2017.       

2 years ago

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Kunal Kaushik

slot 1
overall attempts-78
expected correct-55-67
Exam was tough

2 years ago

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