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CAT 2018- Tips (with 4 months in hand)

CAT 2018- Tips (with 4 months in hand)

Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant asked 11 months ago

-4 months until the D-Day. If someone is starting preparations now, what should be his/her approach?
-How should one strategize if he/she has been preparing since Feb/March ’18 and what best approaches would be suitable now?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 11 months ago

We are now at that stage of CAT prep where one cannot procrastinate or alter any preparation strategy (apart from speeding things up, I guess).
Everyone has a different strategy, and some strategies result in a 99+ on the D-Day.
But one thing absolutely essential to CAT prep is revision. How do you do it?

  1. Re-do questions once again, from whichever material you did it from earlier. I guarantee that you will not remember 30-40% of what you studied. You will have to go back to re-learning concepts. So don’t reach that stage.
  2. Watch Takshzila concept videos for revision. The best part is that they solve CAT questions and give you great practice. So you might not even have to pick up a pen and a notebook, because the explanation is extremely lucid. 
  3. Make notes. I learnt from some 99 percentilers that making notes can be hugely impactful in the last few weeks of your preparation. Make notes of mock tests as well, i.e., difficult questions, shortcuts and tricks etc. TIME has literally taught me how to solve alligation and mixture questions (the annoying ones in which solutions are replaced with water) in a matter of 30 seconds; questions I took at least a minute to solve earlier. So take notes. 

And finally, now is NOT the time to give up. If you’ve just started preparing, it will all seem difficult but it is doable. If you’ve been preparing for over 6 months – dude, it’s just a matter of a few more months. Just do not let that focus snap because now is the most crucial point of your preparation.
I have very recently gone through a temporary phase of giving up, so I know what its like. So don’t let your motivation die out. Acing this exam can change your life.

Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant

replied 11 months ago

Thank you!

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