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CAT 2019

CAT 2019

Aditya Prakash, MBA Aspirant asked 12 months ago

What is the preparation strategy for CAT 2019?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 11 months ago

Hi Aditya. I have not cracked CAT so I can’t give a solid strategy. 
But I am preparing for CAT 2018 so I will suggest a few things that you can get right in a year and a half from now (only for QA)

  1. Dedicate 6 months for basics. Get your basics absolutely right. Ratios, Percentages, Geometry, Number systems, Logarithms etc. If someone asks you for the cube root of 4096, you should be immediately aware that it is 16. Or if someone asks you if 24664 is divisible by 8, you should know exactly how to find that out in a matter of 10 seconds. Squares, cubes, decimal values of fractions, formulae – everything should be etched in your mind.
  2. The next 6 months should be all about solving different question types. From finding the area of a frustum to finding out the digit in the 10s place of a 10000 digit number, you should attempt all question types that you can find. TIME, IMS and Arun Sharma questions will allow you to practice such questions. 
  3. Finally, dedicate the last 6 months to mock tests. Analyse every single mock, learn from them, take notes, and ace these tests. 

Key tip – 

  1. Don’t let your motivation die out. You’ll know what I mean once you are 4 months into your preparation.
  2. REVISE EVERYTHING. You are likely to forget concepts in a month. So take out a day, go through your notes, and revise. Solve 10 questions to assess your revision. 
  3. Don’t spend more than 3 hours every day (5 on weekends). Set achievable targets, don’t become complacent if your mock scores are good. Keep giving tests.

If I had 18 months, I’d prepare like this. 

Aditya Prakash, MBA Aspirant

replied 11 months ago

What about VERBAL and DILR?

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant

replied 11 months ago

For Verbal, the only thing you can do is solve as many mock tests as possible.
Same for DI-LR.
Since there is no set syllabus for these two sections, I can’t give you a preparation strategy.

I am also giving mocks and preparing for these two sections.

Aditya Prakash, MBA Aspirant

replied 11 months ago

Thanks a lot.It was really helpful.

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