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CAT Negative Marking

CAT Negative Marking

Is negative too much affect the result, more than what one expects it to be ??? For example instead having low marks sometime but because he has less negative so percentile is better than another student with more marks but less correct answer(or more negative answers)

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Ankit Doshi, IIM Indore (Since 1996)
answered 11 months ago

The only thing that matters is the final score. Accuracy % is not taken into account while announcing percentiles.

Creator of, IIM Indore alumnus

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 11 months ago

That is the entire point of negative marking in CAT – not blindly attempting anything to get marks.
In NMAT, students do this. They attempt each and every question since there is no threat of negative marking. That may bring inaccurate results, and someone with lesser preparation may gain marks because his flukes were marked right. 
CAT is an exam which filters out the best of the best and tests your ability to make judgements and decisions in a pressure environment. This ensures that those who do not have an aptitude do not gain an unfair advantage. Otherwise, anyone would get into an IIM. 

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