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Chances of conversion of IIM call

Chances of conversion of IIM call

Dr.Nithin M, MBA Aspirant asked 5 months ago

I am a fresh MBBS graduate with 90 percentile CAT score . 90/85/60 are my 10th/12th/grad scores. I am a sportsperson ,represented interuniversity sports in athletics and Kho Kho .
I have got a call from IIMK . What are my chances of conversion ?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 5 months ago

Hi Nithin.

Here are the various post-interview components of IIM K’s selection criteria, and their weights:

CAT score – 40%
PI – 30%
Essay – 20%
Resume – 10%

So, PI and WAT account for 50% of the total weight, while the strength of your Resume accounts for 10%. Therefore, in all, you have 60% of the interview in your hands. The other 40% is for your CAT score, which is not extraordinary (generally speaking), but it has managed to fetch you an old IIM call which is absolutely fantastic.
When we speak about Resume, this is what IIM K is looking for:

“The professional resume will be evaluated on length and depth of work experience, quality of academic and professional qualifications, managerial and leadership attributes and exceptional academic, co-curricular and extracurricular achievements of the candidates.”

Based on this, essentially it can be surmised that they will ask you to walk them through your CV, and they will check your knowledge of the course you have studied, and they will definitely grill you on your low graduation scores. You are a sportsperson, so you can try and veer the interview in that direction and may also use it to highlight leadership qualities.

I am not privy to the process by which IIM K creates a candidate’s composite score, so I won’t be able to comment on your chance for conversion. But looking purely at the selection criteria, I think you have a fair chance of conversion, assuming you do well in your WAT-PI.

All the very best for your interviews. Hope this helps.

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