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I have completed my ug in March 2018 and prepared for CA ipcc exams till now but not able to complete . I am writing cat exam this year and planning to join MBA by next year . How does this gap affect in my  admission into ifmr and other b schools

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 5 months ago

See, explaining this gap will be tough in an MBA interview. I would recommend you get a job right now and prepare for CAT simultaneously. You’ll have a steady source of income, you will get extra points for work-ex in the B-school selection criteria, and you are likely to be grilled less by the interview panel, should you make it till there.
This does not impair your chances of getting into a B-school, because you were not whiling away your time and were preparing for a highly competitive exam.
All the best!

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