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I am a btech mechanical engineer willing to do mba but i am confused on which field I will do my mba

6 months ago

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shrikant pallai
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Srijoni Nandy
Current Student | XLRI Jamshedpur

Choosing the right field is a very important step towards deciding to do an MBA. You don't want to get into a B-School and then realize that this is not what you wanted from life, because once in there, you have already invested a lot of time and money. Doing something you hate, makes it more of a burden. A prior research needs to be done before attempting to choose a field.
The various choices one has are finance, marketing management, information technology, operations management, human resources, accounting, international business management, healthcare management, media and communications, etc. Various factors should be considered while making an informed choice like the rankings of the colleges you are considering to apply at, identifying your own strengths and weaknesses and your personal interests, what are your career goals, and what the respective fields have to offer in terms of a future. 
Talk to alums from different B-Schools, read up on the different fields and map them to your interests and the career plan that you have in mind. A deep self reflection is what one needs and you will have your answer at the end of it. :) 

6 months ago

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