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Anonymous asked 2 months ago

I’m 2018 pass-out GEM  10th- 8.8  12th- 86  B.Tech- 70  Got calls from tier 2 Colleges but I want to get into one of the top 10.I don’t have any work-ex. Now what should I do, take admission into clg like KJ,GIM or take a job and write cat19? 
Considering if I start a job from April I won’t be having enough work-ex to show.

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Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 2 months ago

Your profile looks decent. I would suggest you write CAT once again and try to get calls from tier I institutes.
You can also join an organization, gain a considerable amount of work experience. Don’t worry even you’re joining it in April – something is always better than nothing. All the top B-Schools in the country including the IIMs gives a good amount of weightage to the quality and the amount of work-ex towards the preparation of the interviewee’s/final merit list.
Choose wisely. All the best!

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Pranav pandey, MBA Aspirant

replied 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your time and suggestions.

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 2 months ago

More credible people have already evaluated your profile, so I won’t be doing that. However, I will make the following points, if you plan to not join KJ Somaiya and will give CAT another shot:

  1. Don’t look at work experience as just some criterion you have to qualify for to get into a top IIM or other business schools. It is a very important part of your MBA journey and may even decide the kind of job that you end up getting during final placements at an MBA institute.

    Also, let’s say your CAT ’19 doesn’t go as planned either. You still have your job (if you haven’t quit already) and a salary coming in every month. You can always go ahead and prepare for CAT 2020.

    Yet another benefit of work experience is that the more you have it, the more your chances of getting into a top Ivy league college abroad increase (subjective to your GMAT/GRE scores). By the way, this includes ISB Hyderabad. If you’re giving GMAT, it also includes IMT Ghaziabad and SPJIMR, who accept GMAT scores (not sure about SPJIMR but I think they accept GMAT scores).

    So there are way too many advantages of getting work experience to ignore it as just some part of the IIM selection process. 

  2. Apply to ISB – As mentioned above, ISB Hyderabad accepts GRE/GMAT scores for their 1 year PGP programme. Since you have less than 24 months of work experience, you can opt. for their Early Entry Option for the PGP programme, which means that, if selected, you will join ISB after getting 2 years of work experience. It is a deferred joining option basically. Take your GRE/GMAT this year, the scores will remain valid for 5 years. In these 2 years, build your profile by getting a job and upskilling. 

    GRE as an exam is easier than GMAT, and its quant is lallu compared to CAT (well, sort of. Some QA curveballs will also be thrown at you in GRE, so prepare accordingly). So as a GEM, you might be at an advantage since you’ll already be preparing for CAT, and I am assuming your Quant will be stronger than average at least.

  3. As Apurva said, something is better than nothing. It doesn’t matter when you get your job – just that you get a job. Start hunting right away on LinkedIn, Angel List, CutShort, Updazzz, and Glassdoor. Naukri, Monster and Indeed are quite useless. 

    Job hunting tip – If you’re applying via LinkedIn, follow up by sending a detailed supplementary e-mail to the HR of the company, listing out your exact skill set, why you will be a right fit for the company and why the company will be the right fit for you. Otherwise getting job posters to respond on LinkedIn becomes very difficult. You need to stand out, and e-mailing the HR has a higher chance of conversion.

    If you’re applying via Angel List, make sure that the note you send attached with your job application is crisp and to the point. Set your Glassdoor job notifications on for regular e-mail updates. Job hunting is very difficult and being notified of open opportunities will always be helpful.

My personal recommendation – Go for CAT once again. Your profile is decent and with a 99+, you can get calls from really good institutes.
Hope this helped.

Jeetesh Varshney, IIM Udaipur answered 2 months ago


Lets first start with your profile, taking consideration of the percentages of all three i.e 10th, 12th and Grad with no work experience, its an average one. As you are 2018 pass out then you already had a gap year, so if you want to write CAT 2019, then you should definitely get a job first. Even though the work ex till CAT will be less but till the time you will join a B-school in June 2020, it is going to be more than a year. One more point you should keep in mind that having work experience is positive and in the final selection of B-school it has only 5% weightage for most of the B-schools. I know its less but considerate. You don’t want to lose some easily scoring points.

So, if you really want to make it to tier1 colleges and can score 98+ %ile in CAT 19, then go for CAT else KJ is not a bad option.

Hope this clears all your confusion!

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Pranav pandey, MBA Aspirant

replied 2 months ago

Thanks a lot.

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