Difference between Strategy Consulting and Management Consulting?

Also, what other types of Consulting exist?

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Chirag Shukla
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Karan Kakkar
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Management consulting is like a big balloon, and has lots of small balloons inside. Those small ones are Operations Consulting, IT Consulting, HR Consulting, Strategy Consulting, etc. So we can say that Strategy Consulting is a subset of Management Consulting.

Strategy consulting helps clients to plan growth strategy, future Roadmap, identify problems in the organization.

Strategy consulting also can help rationalize products and services, acquisitions and removals.

So consulting in present in every business function, for example:

How do I better manage operations in my organization - Operations Consulting
What role should IT play in my business and day-to-day operations - IT consulting
How can I optimize my HR functions such as benefits and talent management - HR consulting

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