Do aspirants who score 99+ in CAT also score 99+ in XAT?

CAT and XAT are considered to be among the toughest MBA exams. Both being the tests of aptitude, they have certain differences in their patterns. So, how can one aim to ace both of these exams and secure a call from top IIMs and XLRI?
How should the preparation be structured to get a 99+ percentile in both CAT & XAT?

3 years ago

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Parth Shekhar
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Sailesh Hota
Alumni | Xlri Xavier School Of Management Jamshedpur

Hello Parth,It is not necessary that someone who has 99.x in CAT would get a similar score inn XAT. On the contrary, a lot of people do well in XAT despite doing bad in CAT and I have seen 99.x percentile holders in XAT secure 95.x in XAT.
However, the above observation is not empirical. I would attribute it to the different pattern of both the exams and the presence of Decision Making section in XAT. That does not mean that there are no individuals who score 99.x in both. There are plenty of such people.To know more about XAT prep alongside CAT, refer to the following article I wrote some time ago:

3 years ago

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  • Parth Shekhar

    Thanks Sailesh!

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