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Do you agree with the MHRD – NIRF Rankings for 2018?

Do you agree with the MHRD – NIRF Rankings for 2018?

The MHRD – NIRF Rankings for the year 2018 were released recently. They seem to be quite different from any other platforms’ rankings. 
How are colleges like MDI and XLRI below the IITs? And how is SIBM Pune below Great Lakes Institute? In fact, Great Lakes is ranked better than SP Jain!
Are these reliable rankings? Do they bring out the real picture?What are your views on these?

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Sachin Mandot, IMT Ghaziabad answered 1 year ago

If one goes by the framework on NIRF, they have ranked colleges on very broad parameters. For example: Number of publication by the faculties, but they haven’t added any parameter to judge the quality of that publication. They have also judged upon number of rooms in the college and overall infrastructure. So these are the reason why many college have surprised us by being in the top league. For aspirants these parameters don’t matter much. So there’s a gap between ranking of TIME, CL and NIRF.

Medha Gupta, MBA Aspirant
answered 1 year ago

I do not agree with their rankings.If one takes a look at the list one would realize how misplaced the list is.The Colleges which should be placed earlier in the list are no where to be seen within top 25.This places a question on the credibility of the list.

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