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Does group-study works while preparing for MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, NMAT or GMAT?

Does group-study works while preparing for MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, NMAT or GMAT?

During school/college days, often we used to do group studies. This became a trend especially when exams were just around the corner. However, I have seen during CAT/XAT preparation, most aspirants prefer to study on their own.
Can the benefits of a group study be leveraged during MBA preparation?

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Group study absolutely depends on what you are comfortable with. Many students prefer studying alone as it helps them concentrate, whereas many prefer group studies because it helps them stay motivated and discuss concepts/topics which they may find difficult to tackle.
Let us look at the pros and cons of group studies:

  1. Shared knowledge saves time and is better understood when someone explains it to you. It is easier to clarify doubts and cover ground in the finite period of time.
  2. Study groups help each other stay motivated because they pursue common goals and that is very essential when preparing for exams that are, say 1 year away.


  1. The obvious pitfall of group study is what happens when friends sit together to study. Sometimes, a lot of time is also wasted if the deadlines are too far apart or the group members are not too serious.
  2. It may be difficult for you to concentrate as one needs a crucial amount of personal study time to grasp the concepts.

In short, to each his own. You may experiment with the idea of group study for a couple of weeks and stick to it if it works for you.

Thank you!

I was not really a fan of group studies. But yes, they will help in clarifying the doubts and learning something new at a much quicker pace. Group studies involve ideas of different minds that can be capitalized to one’s own benefits.
But again, doing that every day might not be good. Involvement in mocks and other forms of evaluation require absolute concentration for which solitude is necessary. Unless you have a very good group, going for group studies might be a waste of time, especially for CAT, where you have to do prepare so much with consistency.

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