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Does your Summer Internship impact the domain you eventually work in?

Does your Summer Internship impact the domain you eventually work in?

If you’ve interned in a Finance Company, does it make it easier for you to get placed in other finance companies in final placements? Or, will interning at a Marketing company hamper my chances of getting placed at a Finance firm?
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In my opinion, summer internships give us more clarity regarding our prospective field of work. Since placements for summer internships are done within 3-4 months period of time after joining the college, a majority of students may not have a clear idea regarding the area of work they would like to do in future or they may have an opinion which might get changed once they experience the internship. Based on their experiences they choose their second-year subjects in such a way that they get specialized in those particular areas which are required for their area of work. So, summer internship has a very little impact on the domain you eventually work, you always have a freedom to change your domain.

I believe the summer internships are a great way to figure out what one actually wants to do. I have personally seen a lot of people figure out that a particular domain doesn’t interest them as much as they expected. This realization only happens when you actually experience the work in the domain and no theory or courses would actually have helped you understand that. 
Summer internships are a great way to explore and reaffirm your areas of interest or cross out the domain options that you aren’t interested to pursue.

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