Extra-curriculars and Positions of Responsibility

I have no such extra curricular activites and Positions of Responsibility in my Resume. Have a decent Acads(90/90/80) and pursued B.Tech. Currently working in Auto Sector as GET . Will the extra curricular part affect my admissions in IIM or other colleges and if so what can I do now to improve my chances?


9 days ago

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1 Answers
Aishwarya Nair
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore


Extra-curriculars and Positions of Responsibility as such do not play a major role in selections. However, certain IIMs and other B Schools will have sections in their application forms that question you on the same, and you can be asked about it during interviews. You should remember that extra-curriculars do not always mean activities you undertook in college. Many candidates also bring up relevant experiences in their work life. Also, extra-curriculars and PoRs will play a major role once you enter a B School, so it'll be good if you can spend some time on these now.

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9 days ago

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