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Forecasting chances of getting into IIM ABC

Forecasting chances of getting into IIM ABC

Anonymous asked 3 months ago

 Working at BCG as Associate Researcher since 2017(Almost 2 Years now).
Grade 10: CGPA 10(CBSE)
Grade 12: 93.2% Aggregate(CBSE)
Engineering: 78.2%(DTU)
Will it be pragmatic to expect a call letter from old IIMs considering my profile? If yes, what percentile should I be aiming at a minimum to expect a call from IIM ABC.
Thank You!!

1 Answers
Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 3 months ago


You have an excellent profile and the right amount of work experience required to get calls from the old IIMs. You can target to secure anything above 99.2 percentile to have good chances of receiving the calls.

All the best!

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