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I did my engineering in 2018 than did an internship from SEP- March for 6 months sales...and gave cat along with that couldn't crack after that gave CET but got only 102 and did another internship from Apr- June in 2019.... thinking to prepare for cat again but it will create another gap year...but i wish to do another internship for another 2 months so that i can cover the gap till September 2019 and prepare alongside and also prepare for Cet and Cat. What should i do go for a permanent job or should do another internship....and prepare for cat

5 months ago

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akshay adsul
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Adarsh Ranjan
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon

The first thing that you have to remember is that most B-Schools have predefined admission criterion for profile evaluation on which your admission depends.
Let`s say that the weightage that the B-School has alloted to different criterion is as follows

  • CAT Score - 45 %
  • Academics - 10 %
  • Interview - 30 %
  • WAT - 10 %
  • Work experience - 5 %

Now, you`ll get zero out 5 for work ex but that`s what all freshers get and there are more than half of the batch in most Indian B-Schools comprises of freshers, which means it doesn`t matter much in anyway because the rest 95 % marks are in your control.
If you have strong academics and a good CAT Score, there is no reason why a good B-School would want to miss out on you, just because you took more time to clear CAT
But you still need to score well in the interviews and you have to justify the gap year there, not because it`s a bad thing, but because the job of an interviewer is to know the candidate and assess him on the basis of his past track record and work - life history.
Similarly, In an interview when you`re asked to justify a gap year, your answer should have enough content that the interviewer can give you full marks for.
They are judging you on your past behavior and they need your life stories for that. They want to know what have you done. if the answer is “I prepared for CAT”, they don`t get any story or content which is sufficient to give you good marks.
My quick suggestions for having enough content and stories in your answer to get full marks in the interview:

  1. Join an NGO in your gap year - Rotary, CRY etc and volunteer for a cause that you genuinely believe - be it, education, sanitation or women empowerment
  2. Enroll for a one year PG diploma from IGNOU or any distance program in an area of your interest and preferably related to management
  3. Try to get a job or work in the business/start-up of your friend/Family immediately after CAT : So that your gap is not one year but only 5–6 months
  4. Work on your communication skills : they are going to be tested and graded in the interview, You want to give your best there. Give lots of mock interviews, practice GDs, join toastmasters, make YouTube videos.
  5. If you are interested in finance, you may enroll for CFA/ FRM or Six sigma if you are interested in Ops
  6. Read Good Books/ Do MOOCs : They`ll give you some topics to talk about in the interview and possibly divert the attention of the interviewer to your hunger for learning.

You must do atleast some of the things that I mentioned so that when you enter the interview room, atleast you do not feel that you have a gap year but a productive year which gave you the opportunity to enter a top B-School.
If you understand this go well prepared with a list of things that you did in the year to become a better person, that`s exactly what the panel is looking for - A person who has an undying zeal to learn and do different things, everyday.
Just Remember that Interviewers are also human beings, they like good stories, that are believable and genuine. Just give them good stories full of good content and they`ll give you the admission offer

4 months ago

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Current Student | Indian Institute Of Management Ranchi

Hi Akshay,
From your query, I can sense that there is some confusion regarding the work experience component.
Remember that Internship is NOT counted as work experience. Even if you do as many internships as possible, the total marks awarded for experience will be counted as zero. 
So, if you want to gain some points in work experience, please go for the permanent job.
Having said that, the interview panel will be looking for the candidates who can adapt to b School, have zeal for learning and create an impact. If you're one of such students, you can grab brownie points in other components.
All the best :)

4 months ago

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