GD Monday - The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. A lot of countries have been focusing on this phenomenon in the past as well. India has come up with the country's first Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Maharashtra.
However, there are concerns that AI will actually take over jobs and make the human touch redundant, which in turn will cause mass unemployment. Furthermore, a video by Boston Dynamics showed that a 'robot-dog' could actually outsmart a man stopping it from performing its tasks.
Can such a possibility exist or is it just a grim overview of an unlikely outcome of AI? Is AI the future?

1. Remember, this is a discussion and not a debate. Refrain from an aggressive and over-the-top response to someone who disagrees with you.
2. This is a simulation of an actual Group Discussion. The attempt is to allow participants to practice construction of coherent and logical thoughts. The motive is to also introduce pertinent topics that may come in the GD-PI of your dream B-School interview.

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3 Answers

3 Answers

With the increase in use of artificial intelligence, there would be a substantial change in the nature of specific jobs or roles, which would automatically be replaced . But in contrast to that significant number of new job and opportunities would be created because of it and corporations or companies would become more efficient,  also the quality of product and services would also become much more advanced. So overall I think there would more positives and advantages of artificial intelligence to that of its negative impacts. 


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Advent of any technology has the potential to change the job scenario. Loss of traditional job is an anticipation for the dawn of the AI technology, but other jobs may be created as well because of this technology. So, may be we should be just worried because of the change in job structure and not the loss of job.


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Rohit Singh
Alumni | MDI Gurgaon

The type of job have never been fixed. Agriculture was earlier a top notch bussiness/job, then machines came and made the work easier and in that term though agriculture as profession still remained, Jobs were Displaced to newly found sectors rather than being destroyed.
Same is the case with introduction of computers. They replaced typewriters but in turn gave rise to new sectors as service sector and software industris and what we know as silicon valley now. 


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