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Group discussion and personal interview

Group discussion and personal interview

Anonymous asked 2 months ago

Can average performance in group discussion be compensated with excellent performance in personal interview? 

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 2 months ago

Yes. But it depends on the weight the B-school gives to the various components of the interview process.
Usually, PI has a much higher weight than GD/WAT, and therefore your chances of converting are higher with a good Personal Interview. Additionally, perhaps you are underestimating your own GD performance and may have actually done better than you think. So keep a positive mindset.
All the best. Hope you convert!

Hi buddy,
This is a question which plagues many applicants year after year. It frankly depends. So in a scenario like IIMK, 30% weight-age is PI and 20% is essay writing. In such a scenario, i becomes extremely important to do well in both. The essay writing component is almost as important as the PI! But for IIMB, the scene is a little different. Here, the weight-age for PI is 30% but for WAT it is only 10% In such a scenario, a lot of lost ground can be made up. I would urge you to go through the criteria and then try to figure out the way.
Hope this helps 🙂

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