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Have 4 year of IT experience but want to change career path

Have 4 year of IT experience but want to change career path

Such R, MBA Aspirant asked 1 year ago

I have worked in an MNC company for 4 year now. I do not enjoy my work so I dropped my papers and now exploring other opportunities. I am also preparing for CAT but is it a good option considering I have 4 years of experience in a sector I don’t want to go back to.
My interest lies in field of communication like Business development. Client success roles. 
What are your views

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Shobhit Dwivedi, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

See with CAT your work experience is definitely going to fetch you extra points and will make help you secure calls from top institutes.And even after that, your work experience will assist in GD-PI as well. I see just one difficulty with your profile which is that you have a work-ex of more than 3 years so what I would suggest you is that you should try and bell CAT 2018 and in case you, unfortunately, are not able to clear CAt this time, then you can also consider the idea of Executive MBA (which is for work-ex guys especially). 

SuchR, MBA Aspirant

replied 1 year ago

So my worked will count to get into a college. What are the difficulties that occur for a 3 year experienced who completely wants to switch his career path.

shod, MBA Aspirant

replied 1 year ago

See…there are some difficulties like there would be guys who would have worked previously in the field you now want to switch to…but there are plenty of guys like you who would want to change domains….so u won’t be an outlier !

SuchR, MBA Aspirant

replied 1 year ago

Okay. Good to know. Thanks.

Sachin Mandot, IMT Ghaziabad answered 1 year ago

There are high chances of landing in the business development roles in the same industry. If you work hard and take right steps from the beginning in the pursuit of your roles then you would definitely land somewhere near that! 
~ Good luck 

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