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Have you decided which industry (or company) you want to work in after your MBA?

Have you decided which industry (or company) you want to work in after your MBA?

Is any particular industry or a particular firm attracts you to pursue an MBA? If so, what do you think are the prerequisites, in addition to an MBA, that will help you get there surely?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 1 year ago

I have looked at Marketing closely and feel that it is something I would like to pursue.
I am, however, in a dilemma between Consulting and Marketing. Additionally, I am confused whether i should have any preconceived ideas about my area of specialization or industry/company that I want to work in, or if i should decide in my final year.
However, to answer your question, I think I would prefer a Marketing role at HUL. It is named as one of the best places to work for according to various surveys on the internet (including LinkedIn and InsideIIM) and is the biggest name in FMCG in India.
I think the work culture there would really promote professional growth while allowing me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Of course, I can only get to know the true picture post-MBA.
What about you?

Initially, management consulting was the role that made me want to pursue MBA. This interest arose when I was in my previous company working as a technical analyst and I got a chance to interact with management consultants. I was impressed by the work they do.
Additionally, I have developed an interest towards marketing as well after I interacted with various b-school aspirants, students and alums on InsideIIM. This is something new to me and seems intriguing just like consulting.
My first choices would be the top consulting firms (Mckinsey, Bain, BCG). For other choices, I would like to be associated with conglomerates like ABG, TATA, Reliance, etc. which offer general management roles. They are known to rotate selected candidates across various roles and specializations and give them the option to choose a domain. One can also change their domains over the years. So this kind of flexibility attracts me.
I agree with you on the fact that the true picture will uncover itself post-MBA. But I feel that my reasons for pursuing an MBA make sense so far.

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