How can you make the most of your MBA?

My two year MBA is about to end and I am still not sure if I had made the most, given the whopping fee I have paid I sometimes feel I could have utilized it better. What are the dos and donts of an MBA , if you relived your two year MBA experience what would you have done differently ?

2 years ago

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Nitya Muralidharan
Alumni | XLRI Jamshedpur
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Abhinav Bansal
Alumni | IIM Indore (Since 1996)

Cutting through the clutter, I'd directly like to jump to a few pointers that, if followed, can ascertain a memorable and fruitful experience over the course of the two years of an MBA course: 

  1. Socialize and network not just in a formal way but in the form of outings, eating out, trips and random late-night blabbers. The intangible benefits of such activities are reaped over the long-term.
  2. Be an active part of as much festival celebrations as possible, after all B-Schools provide one with a one-of-its-kind opportunity to revel myriad festivals of different cultures of India without worrying about any controversies. 
  3. Read newspapers, everyday! The combination of the theoretical knowledge that one gains in the class and the real-life instances denoting applications many of those concepts plays the role of a multiplier as far as learning is considered. 
  4. Attend those seemingly boring guest lectures and workshops conducted by the stalwarts of corporate, political, social or other walks of life. 
  5. Try your best to be a part of the club/committee of your interest. Sacrifice on academics or other engagements if that is what's required to make this possible.  
2 years ago

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