How difficult is it for a fresher (especially GEM) to get admission in top 20 b-schools?

I am a third year student of B.Tech. I will be making my first attempt of CAT in 2020. As I was going through the selection criteria of top b schools, I came to know that almost all of them have weightage for work experience and also for gender and academic diversity, but I am a male engineer. So I wanted to know that how can I get into top b school with my profile.

Academic profile- X - 10 CGPA, XII- 88.8%,

Graduation - 8.15 CGPA (till now).


a month ago

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Anshul Yadav
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Chirag Shukla

Yes, you can, subject to your CAT score. Yes, GEMs have it tough but if you look at the batch profile of the latest Class of 2021 and also the Class of 2020, at least 70% of the batch comprises engineers. At some top IIMs, this figure is close to 90%.

So, don't focus too much on the selection criteria and extra points for diversity. The advantage non-engineers have in the selection process, engineers have in CAT preparation. So it sort of balances itself out (at least that's what my utopian understanding of it is).

a month ago

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  • Anshul Yadav

    Thanks a lot, Chirag!

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