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How do I apply to ISB for admission?

How do I apply to ISB for admission?

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
asked 11 months ago

I have 3 questions related to this –

  1. When do the admissions start?
  2. What will GMAT/GRE score I need to get an ISB admit?
  3. What should my CV look like for me to be considered as a suitable candidate?
  4. Is a one-year MBA worth it?

1 Answers
Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant answered 11 months ago

You may apply online on the ISB’s official website for the program you want to take admission into. Their flagship program is the 1-year post graduate program in management (PGP)

  1. The admission process starts from September onwards, but the applications are opened in June itself. There are two rounds of admission that ISB conducts. So, this year’s Round- 1 application deadline is September 15. For Round-2, the last date to apply is December 15. The number of applicants in both rounds are almost equal but ISB’s AdCom advises everyone to apply in round-1 itself because there are scholarship options available in the 1st round only.
  2. In terms of the GMAT score, usually, the batch comprises of students who scored between 610 and 780. The average score is 710. But since GMAT is just one of the parameters the admission depends upon, there is no specific score range that would be beneficial. The higher your score, the higher the points you gain. The overall GRE score range was 303-335. Similarly, the average GRE scores for ISB’s PGP program was 325.
  3. Yes, ISB looks at your complete profile before shortlisting you for an interview. As I mentioned before, the GMAT/GRE score is just one of the parameters. In addition to this, there are 5 other criteria from which they shortlist a candidate. They are-10th & 12th score; work experience; extra-curricular, awards & achievements; Essays (SOPs) and one Letter of Recommendation. It is mandatory to have at least 2 years of work ex. (However, there is an “Early Entry Option” where candidates having 0-2 years of experience can apply and they can join the PGP course after the completion of 2 years at their workplace if they are selected. They too have to go through the same process like the candidates having work-ex>2 years). There have been candidates who had average (or even poor) scores on GMAT & on their 10th & 12th marksheets, but they were shortlisted and given admission on the grounds that they wrote superb essays and had great extra-curricular achievements where they showcased leadership qualities. ISB have selected people having a GMAT score of 600 as well as rejected candidates having a score of 780. It depends on the overall profile.
  4.  Now, it depends whether you feel this one-year MBA would be beneficial to you or not and that too comparatively at a higher cost. Usually, the average work experience of students at ISB is 5 years. So, from their POV, their opportunity cost might seem higher if they pursued a 2-year MBA program. Most of these professionals have their MBA sponsored by their previous employers or they might get eligible for scholarships. Another reason that i suspect- since ISB has been ranked among the top 30 B-schools in the world, many go for it because of its brand value. So, it completely depends on the individual’s circumstances whether he/she is willing to invest 2 years or just 1 year of their time in pursuing an MBA.

Hope this helps.

ISB is one of my target schools this year and the information that I discussed were gained from a webinar that ISB's Admission Committee conducted last month.

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