How do i decide i am sales guy or creative marketing research guy?

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Shreyas Ligade
Current Student | Chetna Institute of Management and Research
2 Answers
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Management Ranchi

Good question - difficult answer.
In the end only you can decide.
The necessary skills, requirements and activities are actually quite different.

  • Usually quite stressful.
  • Often lots of travelling
  • Lots of emotional up-and-downs
  • Need to be very organized, hyper-productive, persistent and disciplined
  • Needs to be good at dealing with people and groups
  • Need to be quick at adapting to situations
  • Lots of face-to-face customer contact
  • If you have a great product and company backing you it’s not too difficult to do well.
  • You can succeed even if you are a lone wolf and hate being in teams (gets harder though)
  • Potentially very high salary.
  • If you have a strong track record, you will always have a job and recruiters will beat a path to your door.
  • The best salespeople in a company are untouchable. It’s great if you like to be a jerk from time to time.

Short version: If you are good at it it’s awesome. Otherwise it’s likely to suck.

  • Very fast-changing environment, channels and media. Good if you like to learn a lot, all the time.
  • Lots of variety in your activities, can be loads of fun
  • Lots of things to experiment with, explore and try out
  • Good for generalists and people with a broad range of interests
  • Connections to lots of departments, and third parties, consultants. You can build your network fast.
  • People will not look strange at you when you tell them your job (as they might with salespeople)
  • Great if you like lots of tools and data and shiny toys
  • External vendors will suck up to you to get your budget, giving you fancy gifts and inviting you to all kind of stuff

Short version: Only very few people will be able to tell if you are good at your job or not. Usually a nice job.
Of course, this is all stereotypes and such. Depends a lot on the company you are working for, on your boss, your products, the strength or your competition etc.
Happy selling (or marketing)

3 months ago

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By trying everything. Take up internships. Take up live projects. Participate in competitions. There are a few psychometric tests that may help you get direction to an extent. But you will never know without trying. Its not an easy answer ever. Constant discovery. Also, keep watching our videos for more insights on how people went about their journeys!

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