How do I improve my percentile in 50 days?

I'm currently getting about 120 in my AIMCATs. How do I push for a 98+ percentile in my CAT? My profile is 91% in 10th, 96% in 12th and 85% in BTech. What percentile/ marks should I aim for in my CAT to get into the good colleges? (top 15 preferrably)

8 months ago

1 Answers

1 Answers
Gaurav Yadav

Around 98 percentile sir and just focus to get as much as u can don't think for a minimum or max criteria .Ur academic are great so just focus on cat then interviews. 

Practice more and more and try to focus on concepts from arun sharma sir to increase ur percentile.


Hope this helps .Thank u ?

8 months ago

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