How do I justify my gap year?

I have a gap year since June 2018. I appeared for CAT in 2018 but didn't score well. I didn't take up any internships or jobs after that. I am still preparing for CAT 2019 and feel pretty confident about it this time. But I don't know how I can justify this break during interviews...

8 months ago

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1 Answers
Adarsh Ranjan
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon


Having a gap year in your profile is never really a problem so long as you are able to justify it during your interview. You must understand that the people conducting the interview are senior professors and they have seen their share of struggle and it is completely okay if you tried something and failed at it. So long as it is legit and you have areasonable explanation for it, it shouldn't be a problem.

I recommend you to please read the article given below for further clarity:

What To Do If You Have A Gap Year?

Hope it helps.

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8 months ago

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