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How do I manage committee work and other academic commitments?

How do I manage committee work and other academic commitments?

How do I manage committee work and other academic commitments?

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Riddhi Kalra, IIM Trichy answered 1 year ago

This is a dilemma I have personally faced when the below three PORs came to me, in one stroke. I was already facing difficulties coping with academics, I was someone who had always been in the top 10%ile of her class and suddenly it looked like I just was narrowly avoiding D Grades in most of my subjects. I had even asked if it was possible to replace me. A few conversations with my seniors made me continue with the PORs and a year later, I am grateful that I chose to stick with them, because they taught me to manage time in a way nothing else could, and made me more nimble minded. And my grades? Eventually became satisfactory. The following is what I did to ensure that:

  1. I spoke to one member in the senior committee, club and Team. That one member who would act as a mentor and knew my situation with balancing the three PORs, as well as my need to be a little more than an average student. This led to two things, they gave me only what I could handle, and out of that respect, I eventually did more than what was expected of me. Second, I could also gain insights on the current academic problem I was facing, and they would tell me what they did, or forward me any material they found useful last year. 
  2. I formed excellent partners in the said committee or club. That meant, for a particular task, the two of us would jointly be responsible and we would alternate and work. The partner I chose had to be a friend who would not free ride and whose skills/ability to get the task done complimented mine.
  3. Academic assignments can take up a lot of time, and they unfortunately are worth a big chunk of your grades. So, as far as it was possible, I chose to make groups with people who were not free riders and who trusted I would do my part, but they would take the lead and see the project to its successful end. 
  4. Group Studies will be your savior, and some good friends who would share information on Tutorials 😉 

I am a Member of the Student Team 3.1 of, a Core Member of the External Relations Committee and Persona (HR & OB Club) of IIM Trichy

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