How Do I Prepare For CAT As A Working Professional?

I work from 9 am to 7 pm almost every day. Is it possible for me to prepare for CAT while working? Should I quit my job or shall I continue with it? What should my schedule be like? 

4 months ago

2 Answers

2 Answers
Raghunathan S
Current Student | XLRI Jamshedpur

Here is how I went about CAT prep. 9 to 7 job can be hectic and will drain you at the same time. 

Daily prep - Try to prepare 1 hour every day.Take up one concept or one section (VARC/DILR/Quant) and solve questions on them. Alternatively, institutes provide online exams of 1 hour each. Use a round robin method to solve one of VARC/DILR/Quant each time. You can analyse your answers the next day and learn from them.

Weekends - Take up a full length mock test on one of these days. If you are comfortable enough take two tests on weekends. Use your time for analysis of answers.

Finally it depends on how hectic your job is. Once you take mock tests, your relative ranking and percentile give you a ballpark of where you stand. If MBA is what you strongly desire and you are unable to score above the 90th percentile in the mocks, you can take a call about quitting your job.

4 months ago

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Adarsh Ranjan
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon


As a working professional, it is very important that you utilise the limited time that you have in the best possible way. First and foresmost, you have to identify areas of strength and weaknesses. You can devote time proportionately on these areas. 

The other very important thing to take care is consistency. You must devote 3-4 hours on weekdays after coming back from work ad on the weekends, you might want to pull a little extra say 8-10 hours. You may also take mock exams on the weekends.

If you have attended coaching for CAT before, you might just have to practice more and revise your fundamentals. However, if you haven't attended any coaching ever before, you might as well opt for one. A number of alternatives are available online and even in tablet format which are self paced and you may take lessons as per your convenience.

I would highly recommend you to go through the article given below:

How Can A Working Professional Prepare For CAT?

Hope it helps.

All the best !!

4 months ago

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