How do I structure this answer to WHY MBA? and what could be the cross questions on it?


I am a bcom h fresher and I am expecting call from iim k.I want to do mba bcoz although I learnt  a lot of concepts in my under graduation but the practical part was severely missing. So an mba would really help me in providing me the exposure and the understanding of the business and industry. It would also broaden my skill set and equip me with necessary skills for a manegerial role in future. I imagine that working in a role of a manager I would get a chance to work on all the aspects of a business such as marketing, finance,etc and this really appeals to me.

How do I structure this answer to WHY MBA in a better way? What could be the cross questions?

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11 days ago

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1 Answers
Aishwarya Nair
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore


The answer to the Why MBA question for you is exactly what you described here. While framing your answer, try to keep in mind the objective of the panel in asking you this. They wish to see if you will benefit from the programme and be able to fit in. Other points you could prepare along are surrounding your short-term and long-term goals, and how the MBA programme you are trying for will help you achieve them.

Answering Why MBA has some insights around goal setting. Once your goals are clear to you and you are able to explain how an MBA will help you to achieve it, you are set.

Hope this helps.

10 days ago

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  • Yash Goyal

    Hey Aishwarya, Thanks for the help. Also when u talk about describing my goal , does it need to be specific like investment banker or something like that. Can't I just say that I look forward to a managerial role in which I will have to manage a variety of tasks and not just say related to finance, after my BSchool. bcoz as of now I dont want to be too specific about the role bcoz I don't have that knowledge and experience? And that is where mba fits in. It gives me the exposure and industry knowledge in the best possible way to reach there.

  • Aishwarya Nair

    Hi Yash, While you don't need to be absolutely specific while describing your goal, vague statements might actually backfire as they portray you as an indecisive person. That being said, it is completely okay if you have not figured out exactly what you want to do after an MBA. You can always highlight your interest in learning and mention that you want to explore the different roles that open up to you. If there's any roles that specifically appeals to you, you can always mention that as well. Some examples from your past might help you form a more solid answer (examples from your work experience, internships, certification courses or under graduation).

  • Yash Goyal

    Okay. Thank you so much

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