How is a new club or a new society created in a B-school?

B-schools have diverse clubs and societies. If someone is interested in a certain activity which is not much prominent on the campus, can he/she create a new club for it? How is this viewed in top IIMs and other top B-Schools?

3 years ago

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Parth Shekhar
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Pankaj Mann
Alumni | IIM Lucknow (Since 1984)

It goes fairly simple. Why do you need any club or committee? To conduct some events, some b-school competitions, fun activities, to cater to academic areas (marketing, operations etc..) or for some hobbies like dancing, painting or singing. If you categorize the student bodies in your campus you can segment them differently. Broadly it will be categorized into:

  1. functional bodies (like for mess, sports or infrastructure)
  2. academic groups (like for marketing, operations or strategy)
  3. event-based bodies (for an e.g. committee to conduct some events be it cultural or business)
  4. hobbies based (like music, dance or art)
  5. parent body(s) [for monitoring these above student bodies or to have contact with the administration]

So if you want to start a student body, identify the gap in your college, or come up with some new events which are missing. Post that try to convince your friends, if you agree with it you can share the idea with your seniors. Then the parent body can help you this point onwards.

3 years ago

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  • Parth Shekhar

    Thank you, Pankaj! This looks quite a structured & a helpful approach.

Ashi Jain
Alumni | MICA Ahmedabad
a year ago

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