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How is PGDM(EM) From NSB Noida?

How is PGDM(EM) From NSB Noida?

As they are mentored by IIM A. And has a brand name of NTPC behind them. Is it good to take a risk and get in there?
I have MDI Murshidabad call till now apart from NSB. What is good for me?
My Profile:
10th/12th/grad : 80%+ in all.
Work experience: 19 months.
Category: OBC
Should I try again next year? As this year with no preparation, I secured 77.88% in CAT.

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Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 3 months ago

Hi Prasant,

NSB offers decent placement opportunities with the good oil and power companies of the country. The experience and knowledge offered and gained along with the guidance from the expert faculty of IIM-Ahmedabad help one to get the required exposure and learn a great deal about management skills.

But considering your profile and category, I would suggest you give more shot at CAT.

Choose wisely. All the best!

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Prasant Kumar, MBA Aspirant

replied 3 months ago

How is MDI Murshidabad?
If I have to choose between them what should be my decision?

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