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How is XAT different from CAT?

How is XAT different from CAT?

Is the exam pattern for XAT the same as that of CAT? How should be our approach for preparation of these two entrance exams? 
Which of them is considered tougher?

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The verbal section of XAT is considered tougher vs CAT majorly because the passages are longer than CAT and the time allotted is the same. There is also a separate section on Decision Making which is the make or break area in XAT. I have often seen students who clear verbal and quant comfortably but struggle with LRDI part of XAT. So I would like to advise you to pay special attention to this part. Material from Insititutes like TIME will help greatly. Also give as many tests as possible because this will help you to get adjusted with the new format. There is an additional GK and essay section too in XAT so keep yourself updated with the current affairs. The quant scetion of XAT is relatively easier compared to CAT so you won’t have to invest additional time for this part.
Lastly keep a cool mind and give your exams. Good luck !

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Shivam Chaube, MBA Aspirant

replied 8 months ago

Essay section won’t be there from this year onwards.

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