How much time is ideal time for mock analysis? I end up taking a l

4 months ago

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Harsh Sharma
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Raghunathan S
Current Student | XLRI Jamshedpur

I am guessing the query is that you end up taking a lot of time to analyze mock tests. Here is my opinion on it.

More than giving mocks, its the analysis that is more important. Without proper analysis you can never learn and improve yourself further. In my case whenever I ended up getting a lower mock test score, I dedicated time to analyse the errors. I skipped the next test in some cases because I needed that time to prepare myself before taking the test. Some benefits of good analysis are
1. You understand the errors and learn the concepts/question type better.
2. You find your weak points and can design the test taking strategy

I lagged behind in the VA/RC section. With each test I took the section in a different order (i.e RC first or verbal first etc). I spent time analyzing my output and prepared myself for the next mock.

To answer you, any amount of time spent in analyzing mock is good. Make sure you understand and create a strategy for yourself when attempting mocks. And once you have done a proper analysis make sure you remember and do not repeat the mistakes you have done.

4 months ago

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  • harsh_beckham32

    Thank you so much. But is it okay to not do topic wise practice as mock's analysis is taking up all the time?

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