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How should an ideal CV be structured?

How should an ideal CV be structured?

A resume is one of the most important parts of an interview process. We have never been formally taught how to make a CV, so we make do with templates on the internet or rely on mentors to guide us. So what is the universally accepted and ideal way of presenting my curriculum vitae?

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Sachin Mandot, IMT Ghaziabad answered 1 year ago
  1. Trim unnecessary details out of CV, like Hobbies or interestes (if irrelevant to the the job)
  2. Keeping a uniform font size and alignment throughout your CV
  3. Instead of Verbose, write down very crisp sentences
  4. If you have work-ex, try to quantify your work. E.g. Say you have organised training sessions for your team-mates; You write down about its impacts like how many team-mates trained, number of hours and amount of money you’ve saved for your firm by doing that
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