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How to balance academics and extracurricular activities in a B-school?

How to balance academics and extracurricular activities in a B-school?

B-school isn’t all about studies as we all know. How to master the art of balancing both to emerge as the Jack of all trades at the end?

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That is a million dollar question every MBA student is trying to answer for himself. Here’s my attempt to answer the same for you. First of all, not every student is the same. Some require less effort to get good marks. So, they get more time to focus on extracurricular activities. And then there are some who need some extra efforts. It is essential to understand where you fall and manage your time accordingly. If you feel you are on the other side of the spectrum who needs to put in some efforts before you can get anywhere, so be it. Put in those efforts. If you feel some case competition is really important and you have a quiz the other day, then don’t pick and choose. Do both! As difficult as it may sound, but yes, it is possible to get the best of both worlds. Compromise a little on other aspects of B-school life like “chilling” with your friends etc. and make ends meet. It is possible and can be done. One just needs the courage, conviction, and dedication to do so.

It’s all about priorities, not just in B-school but in life altogether. If you feel you have a weak CV and feel it is essential to participate in competitions, they pay more attention to them. Time is a rare commodity at a B-school, so it is essential you apportion it to your priorities well. It is always a trade-off. If you really want to score good grades and feel learning is essential for your growth here, then allocate more time and effort to academics. Set your priorities straight and work towards them. And goals can change from time to time but it is essential that you set them before making your decisions.

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