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How to get live projects?

How to get live projects?

Anonymous asked 1 week ago

I’m a first year student at a top bschool in Mumbai. I want to do some live projects to boost my profile. I haven’t decided my specialization yet. Where can I find live projects?

1 Answers
Adarsh Ranjan, MDI Gurgaon answered 1 week ago

You may use the traditional portals like LinkedIn, Internshala, InsideIIM or Dare2compete. In addition to these, you may reach out to your alumni, who can connect you with appropriate people in the industry for live project in the area of your interest. In addition, you may also connect with your faculty members, they take up consulting work quite frequently so they will also be able to help you regarding a live project. Hope this answer helps. All the best !!

I am second year student at MDI Gurgaon. I have done numerous live projects with some of multinational companies

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