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How To Improve Verbal Section For CAT – Tips By IIM Students

How To Improve Verbal Section For CAT – Tips By IIM Students

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Hi Ritika,
The single most important section in your verbal part of CAT is RC. It is honestly the make or break section. The skills required for RC though are not completely different from reading a lot of novels, fiction and non fiction books but I will give you some tricks to master this section. Firstly, just skim through the passage in about 1-2 minutes so that you know while reading the questions where exactly to look for. Then when you actually get to the questions, you don’t really have to keep your mind focused on the entire long passage but you only have to selectively read the part from which this question is asked. This is about data based questions, you will typically have atleast 2-3 data based questions and be sure to get them right. Moving on to the hypothesis and inference based questions, do not try to attempt these unless you have 100% understanding of the passage because it’s very difficult to align your thinking with what the writer must have thought while selecting the right answer. And finally for answering the main theme questions, concentrate on the first, penultimate and last paragraphs of the RCs. 90% of the time you will find your answer to main theme questions from these areas only.
Lastly, Read as much as you can to get your grammar basics on point. Goodluck 🙂

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thank you for your advice 🙂

Hello, Ritika! 
Listed below are simple pointers that will help you improve your score and attain better accuracy in the VA section:

  • Don’t go linear: Don’t go linear while attempting the VA section. That is, don’t attempt questions in the order in which they appear. How should we attempt the paper the? Read on to know.
  •  Scan the paper: Even before you start attempting, scan the entire paper. Start with skimming every passage and reading the questions. Attempt that passage first which has more direct (less inference based) questions. This will ensure that the time you’re spending with a passage, get’s you the maximum ROTI (Return On Time Invested).
  • Non-RC Questions: While Scanning the RCs also scan the Non-RC questions. If you feel that the questions are fairly manageable, do them outrightly or in between two passages.
  • Don’t get stuck with any question. Learn to “move on” (pun most definitely intended).
  • Remember: All questions carry equal marks. So, solve the ones that fetch you the maximum marks in the minimum time.

For a detailed understanding of these points, read this article which comprehensively covers these points.

thank you so much 🙂

Hi Ritika,
One of the best ways to improve your verbal skills is to read as much as possible. Reading the editorial section in the newspaper on a daily basis and summarising it in your own words is one of the most effective ways and can be executed easily as well with limited time investment. This not only helps in increasing your reading speed but also enhances your vocabulary. This will help you a great deal with the reading comprehensions which are a major part of the VA section. For the other question types like grammar, FIJs, etc. you can start with the basic material available easily online to gain some comfort with these question types. But ensure you follow this up with enough mocks or time-based tests on these sections as practice is the best way to increase speed and accuracy here.
Hope this helps. 

thank you so much Vani

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