How to increase the chances of getting a PPO from summer internship?

Now that one has broken the ground by grabbing a decent-to-great summer internship for April-May 2018, what can one do in the months to the run-up i.e. January to March 2018 to ensure that one enters the battle of getting a PPO with a formidable arsenal in one's kitty? Answers can be in terms of both behavioral and techno-functional preparations. Tips and tricks specific to a particular functions such as marketing, finance, consulting, HR, operations, IT, general management, etc. are most welcome! 

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Abhinav Bansal
Alumni | IIM Indore (Since 1996)
2 Answers
Nitya Muralidharan
Alumni | XLRI Jamshedpur
  1. Understand the Project Brief , clarify the same with your mentor 
  2. Make sure you identify the Business need 
  3. Ask for resources , ask for help .If your project is not going well do not try to hide it 
  4. Try and get as many reviews as possible
  5. Make sure your ideas are implemented /piloted 
  6. Take feedback from peers and other Stakeholders 
  7. Be flexible and open to change 
  8. Record your learning from Day -1 
  9. Make your presentation as crisp and effective as possible
  10. For Marketing understand the consumer need ( Value ) and do a competitor Bench-Marking 
  11. Speak to as many consumers as possible from different walks of life 
  12. Note down everything and decipher ( Do not listen and decipher at the same time, you can use audio recordings for the same) 
  13. Finally , use frameworks selectively  
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samaksha vaish
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Since you have asked on what preparation can be done in the months leading to the interview, I will stick only to that.

  1. Be fluent with Excel: Most of your marketing, fin or even ops project will require dealing with considerable amount of data. Deriving insights from them is not possible until you are fluent with excel. While most B-Schools do have a course on excel, a PPO aspirant may want to go the extra mile and revise the same course or do an online certification
  2. Make killer PPTs: Yes they matter a lot. No matter how much you dislike it, most meetings will begin with a ppt. In the course of your project, you may have 2-3 reviews and all of which will usually require you to present the work you have done in the form of a ppt. It is not as tough as it looks but it does require some amount of efforts.
  3. Presentation skills: Having a killer ppt is one part of the job. The other part is to present your idea in a coherent manner. Not just for a PPO, this is one skill that will always help you achieve great things,
  4. Know the company: Do solid research on the company, its products, competitors, customers etc. Not only will it help you understand the sector better but you can also show off this knowledge in a meeting. 
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