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How To Prepare For MBA Interviews?

How To Prepare For MBA Interviews?

What are the basic questions that can be asked in an interview that one can prepare for?
And how can one answer these questions? 
Example – Why MBA, Tell me about yourself, Your role model, etc. 

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Hello Chirag,
B-school interview preparation can be divided into three broad heads:
A. Personal or HR questions – About yourself, why do you want to pursue MBA, about your strengths and weaknesses, hobbies and interests and similar questions
B. Current Knowledge – Latest happenings around the world; pay special attention to any current happenings from your domain of specialisation 
C. Static Knowledge – These questions test your knowledge base that you have inculcated over your school years, graduation and job(if applicable)

I suggest, you prepare at least 2-4 subjects of your interest or in which you scored well during your graduation very thoroughly for interviews. Also prepare for commonly used terms and definitions and any established important concepts from your area of study.

Keep in touch with the current happenings around the world, especially in your domain (any government initiatives, international loans and deals in the area and similar topics) to prepare for current GK.

To prepare for HR questions, prepare the basic pointers to a lot of such questions which you can elaborate upon during your interview. For these question engage in self introspection to prepare honest and personal answers, since these are the very questions in which the interviewers try to trap the candidates by cross questioning the most. These questions help the interviewer decide about the personality of the candidate, clarity of his/her thought process and resoluteness of character. They more or less decide your chances of selection.
Take up a lot of these questions and write the basic pointers to them. Make sure your answers are your personal story so they sound convincing. However, try not to mug up the entire answers to make it a futile effort for the interviews. 

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