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How To Select Which Committee To Apply For At A B-School?

How To Select Which Committee To Apply For At A B-School?

There are so many committees at a b-school. Which ones should one select and how?

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Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

The base which supports the choice/selection of numerous committees should enhance the underlying passion of an individual. You may strive to become a part of the most popular or rather, “Cool” committees which not only wins you brownie points for your CV but also makes you popular in your institute. But, this is only possible if you are passionate about the work or field which that specific committee is for. Being part of such committees is no walk in the park, you are expected to work hard here and simultaneously keep in your studies and attendance in check. You might start out very active during the initial weeks of your course, but all the enthusiasm will vanish when you see that you are hardly getting time to socialise, your studies are getting hampered or not even getting a decent sleep. At this time, you will need more than just childish enthusiasm to balance your life.
There are various committees like placement committees, media cells, alumni relations committee, quizzing, drama, etc. At a b-school, people take roles & responsibilities in such committees very seriously. You are not only expected to be passionate towards the work but also be responsible.
We can check our compatibility with such committees by researching about them and interacting with current students or alums of the Institute. We can find out how being associated with a specific committee will help you get a dream job. Are the roles & responsibilities in tandem with that of a company where we see yourselves after we graduate?

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