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How will AI affect the jobs of MBA graduates?

How will AI affect the jobs of MBA graduates?

Recently I attended the Retail Technology Conclave 2018 and It seems to me that impact of AI on businesses is huge. Firms are ready to give customised solutions to businesses to give a unique and seamless experience to their customer. But, I see sales reps getting replaced by self-serve POS machines. Does this mean there are going to be fewer jobs for MBA’s in future? 

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Jobs won’t get lost they’ll get redefined. Its like the pony carriages of nineteenth century and previously. They wouldn’t have suspected that individuals would dump them for transportation, until obviously the cars took off.
Getting degrees & jobs might also be a thing of the past & we can’t imagine a future without them because we also didn’t have a past without them, just like the carriages.
The onset would be slow for crucial decision making, HR etc but the simple data-entry work from hand-written forms or calculating clients tax liabilities will all be gone first & soon.
There was a time when computers were introduced and many people lost their job but later it was realised that more people are needed to design the algorithms, programs etc and hence more number of people were hired.
Even in case of AI’s Algorithms are fine for dealing with ‘tame’ (easily defined) problems, but if they can’t replicate genuine strategic leadership they won’t be replacing MBAs. Well, not yet anyway…
2) by Akash Paul

Automation is typically seen as the avenue to cutting operating costs in customer service. Understandably too, given employee costs usually account for around two-thirds of contact centre expenses. But this is also the stem of a lot of moral debate surrounding automation and artificial intelligence (AI) they are going to lead to the creation of fewer jobs.

We as employers need to consider what this means for our workforce. Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. Job roles are evolving as automation and AI gain the ability to take on more tasks independently. When fully embraced by a business, automation can take over time-consuming processes, freeing employees to focus on more complicated, rewarding tasks. More rewarding roles leads to higher job satisfaction, which boosts employee motivation and productivity.

Graduate positions and internships are infamous for offering opportunities to people to practice rote data entry skills like copying information from a file and entering it somewhere else. These skills are essential and these tasks need to be done every day, so someone has to do them, right?

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