Hv 3yr gap aftr 12.joined hotel mngmnt & hv xprnc of 4mnths.if I do MBA will it affect on placement?

I have 3yrs gap after 12.then I joined hotel management nd pass it with 8.14cgpa.now I hv work xprnc of 4mnth.thinking abt doing MBA.will it be fruitful to me nd will it be affected on my placements?

14 days ago

2 Answers

2 Answers
Nikita Tayal
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade Delhi

Yes, the gap might affect your chances but if you improve your profile overall, it might not be that big a issue. Be ready to justify the gap in your interviews though!!

13 days ago

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So iem kolkata would be a good option for taking admission or not?

In terms of placement and infrastructures.

11 days ago

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