I already have a 2 year gap. Should I go for CAT 2020?

I have 2year gap after my graduation. I don't have any work ex, but working on 2blogs and have opted certificate course. I got admission in one of the B-school in retail management. Should I settle down there or give Cat 2020 again.


Also, this year it's going to be online lectures and in online classes you don't get that quality which you get on campus. So, should I go for another attempt? 

If I go what will be the difficulties I will be facing. 

If I can get a one on one conversation with a good counsellor, that's gonna help me a lot.

7 months ago

2 Answers

2 Answers
pratibha goenka
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon

Hi, if you take CAT this year, you will have 3 years of gap which I would not recomend. Yes, going for CAT this year has got some implications like peer learning will be missing, uncertainty of placements etc. Also, if you think that you are happy with the college you have gotten admission into and it meets your expectations, go for it. If you think you can do better in CAT this year, you can give one try but you will have to explain a lot in interviews about your gap.

Online learning although will not be at par with offline learning, I don't think it is going to stay the same for the next 2 years and so you can consider going forward. Meanwhile, you should work hard to improve your profile. This article would help -



7 months ago

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  • Aishwarya Gupta

    CanI have one on one conversation with you. If you could share your gmail?

Ashi Jain
Current Student | MICA Ahmedabad

Since you have a gap of 2 years, I would say that while preparing for CAT you should also boost your profile so that you do not lose out in the interviews. Here are some tips:


Also, yes there are students with a gap of even 3 years cuz of UPSC prep etc., so if you are able to justify it, it will not be a big issue.

7 months ago

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