I am a GEM looking for preparation strategy

I am a GEM (Civil engineer) graduated in 2019.I am working in a power distribution company from Aug 2019. I want to persue MBA.

My que is that i am thinking of quiting my job in April 2020 and do full time prep for Cat 2020. So will my WorkEX of around 9 months provide me any advantage during MBA admission interviews (particularly IIM's) and also during final placements?

Or should I complete atleast 1 year in my current job and then go for MBA ie prep for CAT 2021.

PS. Xth 9.4 cgpa, XII -71.4 %, BE 8.15 cgpa




7 months ago

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Ravi Ranjan
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pratibha goenka
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon

Hi Ravi,

I would suggest you to have at least 1 year of work experience. If you have 9 months of work ex or anything less than 1 year, you won't get extra points during the selection process (especially in IIMs). There are scores that are being allotted to work experience along with your CAT percentile based on which you get calls from BSchools for the interview process.

Having said that, I will also suggest you to not just target CAT 2021. You should start your preparation for CAT 2020 along with your job and take CAT 2020 to get an experience of the exam. If CAT 2020 goes well, then it will be great. Otherwise, you can leave your job later (after gainign 1 year of experience) and then prepare full time for CAT 2021. 

When it comes to your final placements in a BSchool, your work experience will be given equal weightage, be it 9 months or 1 year but its always better to have one year of work experience. 

Hope this was helpful! 

7 months ago

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Ravi Ranjan

Thanks for the reply,

I am finding difficulity in focusing on my job since i made the decision in my mind to persue MBA as a career.

I had given CAT 2018 exam just out of peer pressure so i am a bit aware of the D-Day and pattern etc.

I have another que in mind, that say I complete 1 or 1.5 years in my job and decide to go for MBA.Will the nature of my previous job..ie a Site Engineer (Civil) be of relevance or it would be merely a number.

If the answer to my que is a NO..so wouldn't it be a better decision to leave my job before hand and just focus on Cat 2020.

Ps..I have decided Whatever be my results in Cat 2020 or xat or snap...etc..i would not give a second attempt and would get into the best possible clg depending on my score

7 months ago

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