I am B pharma graduate with 3 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales. What question in interviw

I am pharma graduate with 3 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales with industries . What type of question should i expect at IIM interview?

3 years ago

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1 Answers
pratibha goenka
Alumni | MDI Gurgaon


Some of the questions that you can expect in the interview -

  1. Why do you want to go for MBA after experience in the pharmaceutical industry? 
    2. How did you sell drugs since its a necessity item and you can't promote drugs? 
    3. How do you differentiate from competitors since the formula of many generic drugs is the same?
    4. Questions related to your academics that is related to your college
    5. If you were in OTC, how do you decide which outlets to place your drug in?
    6. Recent happenings and developments in the pharms industry and comanies related to pharma industry
    7. Emergence of e-pharma in India - your opinion 
    8. Why Indian companies are more into generic drugs and not into R&D?
    9. What are the patent regulations on drug development? How is it different from other countries?
    10. Where do you see youself 5 years down the line?

    Tip: In your interview, try linking your background with your interest in management and how it will help you explore a career in the pharma indusrty going further in a managerial role. Because during placements, a lot of pharma companies come to BSchools. So your experience will be even more useful and enhanced and this point can be logically described to clear interviews. All the best!   

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