I am GEM currently having 2.5 years workex.Should I plan for CAT20 as by June21 I'll have 4 year exp

I am GEM currently having 2.5 years work experience. I'm working with Finacle, Infosys which is a tech company which provides banking applications. I am planning to do an MBA in Finance. But I read that with this much of work experience(4 years) it is tough to get jobs as most companies during internsip and placements have certain criteria regarding work experience . Also, I have average academics --> 10- 77.56%, 12-77.80%, BTech -77.96% (Compter Science - UPTU). Basically I have no certification related to finance and I have work experience in field of IT. But I have planned to do some certifications from NSE. I need genuine answer whether should I plan for CAT20 as by June21 I'll have 4 year work experience. And if yes, how to improve my profile for finance.

7 months ago

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Akshit Sethi
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pratibha goenka
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon

Hi Akshit,

Let me explain to you first the placement process in most BSchools. Whenever the summer placement or final placement process goes on, one gets shortlisted in a certain company based on many factors including work experience and academics. If one has more than 4 years of work experience, yes, they do have more difficulty getting shortlists compared to others. Moreover, as you have mentioned your acads, frankly, you will have problem with shortlists. But if you are getting into a top BSchool, which guarantees 100% placements, you will get placed in a good company but you will have to keep patience. 

I will recommend you to go for MBA only if you can do it from the biggies. And in case you decide to go for MBA, do ensure that you have done enough courses on finance because a great interview will be very crucial for you to clear the process. You will have to show them your interest in the field of finance and same goes for companies during placements. A good resume is very important all along the process, so definitely, start working on that!

Hope this was helpful!

7 months ago

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